Thanks to the java reference implementation I have a demo of importing
archetypes to auto generate forms which have the references to the
archetype.  Here is the video example of doing blood pressure:

If you are curious as to how the other forms came out you can view the
demo (one at a time) here:

username/password demo/demo - double click a patient, forms tab and
press new form.

It is running via a java applet which has a number of warnings to
start.  You do need privs on your machine - no sure what the min
version of java is.

One can build new forms using selected controls from the existing
forms.  Later I will make the archetype based forms templates, not
actual forms you can select.

One thing I noticed in the conversion that I don't have any way of
distinguishing between a line of text and multiline text in the
archetype (I would generate an appropriate pane in the latter case).
Perhaps not a big deal.

All work in progress of course!.


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