Hi Liron,


A Mindmap view exists on the openEHR CKM: http://www.openehr.org/ckm/

Once you find the archetype and select it, the ribbon of icons just below the 
archetype name has Mindmap as the second view (after the Tabbed view).


The second part about modelling a patient overview – I guess this has been done 
by some of the guys in the community over and over again. There’s Pablo’s 
“Cabolabs EHRServer” and then there’s also EHRScape/Explorer that will allow 
you do that, unless there’s something special/specific you’re trying to 
accomplish on your own that isn’t covered by some of these existing ‘free’ 
implementations? Both options walk you through creating your own templates.


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I am in the learning process of openEHR as part of my thesis work at Orebro 
university, Sweden, and I would like to ask quite simple questions which I came 
across but , couldn’t find any document which deal in the subject. 


1)    Is there any way to get a  mind map view for the archetypes/ templates 
via one of the modeling tools ? (for  ex the ADL)

2)    My goal is to model a system via archetype. For ex: a screen which 
present a patient overview. The screen represent data and does not contain any 
form. I couldn’t find any document which explain how to deign/represent a 
non-form template (scree). Is there a way to do so?


Thanks in advance, 


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