Recently we discussed terminology bindings. We probably still have not got them right, but we don't have a model of what we think they should be. I posted a quick idea of a possible more structured version:

|term_bindings = < ["snomed_ct"] = < ["/data[id3]/events[id4]/data[id2]/items[id26]"] = (SIMPLE_BINDING) < target = <> -- Apgar score at 1 minute notes = <"some notes"> min_version = <"2017-02-01"> etc = <"etc"> > ["id26"]|||= (CONSTRAINT_BINDING) <| |||target |= <||"71388002|Procedure|:405815000|Procedure device| = 122456005|Laser device|, 260686004|Method| = 129304002|Excision - action|,405813007|Procedure site - direct| = 1549700l6|Ovarian structure|">||||||||min_version = <"2017-04-01">| notes = <"some notes"> etc = <"etc"> |> > >|

I noted that the right hand side of a binding can be a few different things, each of which would be accompanied by various meta-data, including:

 * a single concept code
 * a single code or other id referring to an external value set in an
   external terminology (in SNOMED it is a SNOMED code; for e.g. ICD10,
   there is no standard that I know of)
 * a composition expression that refers to a more refined concept
 * possible a constraint expression that locally determines a value set
   intensionally, to be resolved by application to the Terminology service.

I'd rather avoid the last, because of the brittleness of intensional ref-set query syntax expressions. In any case, we need a better idea of what meta-data are needed. E.g.:

 * something to do with (min) version of terminology required for the
   reference to be valid
 * something to do with purpose?
 * other notes - a tagged list of basic types?

I would like to get a better idea of the requirements.

- thomas

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