This sounds like a sensible and pragmatic solution. ☺

A query for “all patients that have had high BP according to the doctor” would 
the way I see this be a query for “all patients with an 
EVALUATION.problem_diagnosis with one of a defined set of codes for 
‘hypertension’ and no resolution date”.


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This ended up being quite some discussion.. :-)

We choose for the option to show the thresholds in the Graph, and do it 
handcrafted/hardcoded. So we will not be able to query on the semantics of the 
data, in this sense: give me all patients that has had high BP according to the 
doctor. We will only be able to query on defined thresholds (by Snomed or 

It is what it is.. :-)

For this usecase there is absolutely no need to make it more difficult than 
just this. Maybe for other usecases there would be another optimum, but for now 
I would like to keep it KISS.

Regards, Jan-Marc
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