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> How would you map a "pharmacy drug dispense" task, where the patient comes
> with a prescription and a clerk delivers the medication packages?
> I was thinking this is clearly and ACTION, but also seems to be an
> ADMIN_ENTRY, since it is just a delivery of some product.
> I'm inclined to think it as an ACTION if this task alters the state of the
> prescription INSTRUCTION ISM. On this case, as a parallel question, I'm not
> sure if the dispense ACTION should be a final "COMPLETED" state, what
> happens if we want to record the patient's intake of the drug? Where the
> real "COMPLETED" is when the treatment is finished.

That might mean that some INSTRUCTIONs never get COMPLETED
until the patient dies.

It might help to think of shifts in responsibility: who is
primarily responsible for completion of a given action ?

- write prescription -> doctor
- hand out drug based on prescription -> pharmacist
- take drug as instructed -> patient

Each change of responsibility: doctor -> pharmacist ->
patient might warrant a COMPLETED state.

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