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These are modifications on the parser, which parses more things than your standard parser. In fact, the editor supports legal things in ADL that other parsers don't (e.g. explicit node identifiers or existence). The generated ADL is completely fine ADL. There are tools that don't comply with this general ADL, and we provided an export version of archetypes that produces a modified version of the ADL syntax that other older and not maintained tools can parse.
If you want to call this subset "official archetypes" be my guest.

The word "official" was used by you, I used it (in quotes) to indicate that we refer to the same.

But it may get confusing, also because in the past there were discussions about LinkEhr and the Ocean archetype-editor which had different interpretations of the prevailing definitions. They did not always eat each others archetypes.

I think at this point it is important to state in a simple way, then there will be no reason for doubt about intentions:

Does the LinkEhr editor produce archetypes which are always intended to be completely conforming the official ADL/AOM and RM definitions?

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