Hi all openEHR+Snomed CT hackers!

Doing the inference described below using a reasoner and openEHR with AQL+api 
calls as a bridge to EHR content would be pedagogical.

Who in the openEHR community will get a demo video out first?

Good luck with this little challenge!

Best regards,
Erik Sundvall

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Ämne: Tutorial on FHIR/RDF with SNOMED-CT ontology, including 90-second video

I am pleased to announce a short hands-on tutorial on using FHIR/RDF
with the SNOMED-CT ontology:

Try it out! A 90-second video also demonstrates the steps:

The tutorial is based on a previous webinar by Harold Solbrig:

P.S. We are also interested in hearing about other projects that are
using or planning to use FHIR/RDF. Please email da...@dbooth.org .

David Booth
Yosemite Project

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