I'm confused... are you saying the value/value path is not a typo in the spec?

On 02/05/2019 12:01, Ian McNicoll wrote:
Thomas this is not a problem. The aql works as designed

On Thu, 2 May 2019, 11:06 Thomas Beale, <thomas.be...@openehr.org <mailto:thomas.be...@openehr.org>> wrote:


    can you please raise a PR for this problem on the Jira PR tracker


    On 29/04/2019 22:49, Georg Fette wrote:
    I have a problem with the interpretation of an AQL query from the
    AQL documentation. In section 6.3 the path to the value of the
    systolic blood pressure is
    The first part until
    denotes a DV_QUANTITY.
    Where is the additional field 'value' of the type DV_QUANTITY
    defined ?
    The class itself defines the fields 'magnitude', 'precision',
    'units', 'normal_range' and 'other_reference_ranges'. Its parent
    class DV_AMOUNT defines 'accurany_is_percent' and 'accuracy'. The
    next parent DV_QUANTIFIED defines 'magnitude_status' and again
    'accuracy'. The next parent DV_ORDERED defines 'normal_status',
    'normal_range' and again 'other_reference_ranges'. The two
    parents of DV_ORDERED are DATA_VALUE and Ordered, both define no
    Has this field access to be 'magnitude' instead of 'value' or am
    I missing something ?

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