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if you go to the ITS page <https://specifications.openehr.org/releases/ITS/latest/index>, you can see links to most concrete formats you need. The XML format for AOM2 and OPT2 is there as well, which is the format for ADL2 templates, since the latter are just a kind of archetype in ADL2. THese latter XML formats have not yet been used much, but the ADL workbench generates them (but doesn't read them). The ADL-designer and/or LinkEHR will read the XML formats for ADL 1.4 and .oet, but probably not (yet) ADL2-XML.

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On 16/09/2019 11:58, Georg Fette wrote:
I am currently trying to learn the openEHR template format specification. The first thing I did was looking at the specification page (https://specifications.openehr.org/), to see what template formats exist. On this page OPT1.4, OPT2 and AOM2 are listed as description laguages that somehow are related to templates. .oet is not listed on this page and I did not find a a formal definition of the xml-specification for .oet.
Is there somewhere a formal .oet specification ?
I read the pages linked to OPT1.4, OPT2 and AOM2 linked on the specification page. The next thing I did was that I downloaded all templates from https://www.openehr.org/ckm/, https://arketyper.no/ckm/ and https://ckm.highmed.org/ckm/ using the bulk exports and tried to infer the specification from what I got from those three CKMs. Are the names of the tags simply the names of the archetype fields from the archetypes, enriched with <Rule> and <constraint> ? The next thing I looked at were the .opt files. The CKMs can export those individually using the Ocean OPT components. Which format do those files correpont to, OPT1.4 or OPT2 ? On the specification page https://specifications.openehr.org/releases/AM/latest/OPT2.html I did not find a specification for the XML-Format of .opts.
Is the .optx specification somewhere available ?
Is it possible with one of the available workbenches (perhaps even using a CKM) to transform the .opt-XML file into an .adl file ?

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