On 08/09/2017 06:12 PM, Andre McCurdy wrote:
-# ensure OpenSSL is used for HLS AES description instead of nettle
-# (OpenSSL is a shared dependency with dtls)
-PACKAGECONFIG[hls]             = "--enable-hls 
+PACKAGECONFIG[hls]             = "--enable-hls 
+# Provide a fallback to openssl 1.0 when using nettle is not acceptable or 
+PACKAGECONFIG[hls_openssl10]   = "--enable-hls 

The option which isn't enabled is going to cause "--disable-hls" to be
added to the configure command line, so this isn't going to work as

That's right. Ignore this patch; the previous version should go in. If someone wants openssl, they can add the switch manually to configure (later options supersede earlier ones in autoconf, as far as I remember).

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