On Fri, Aug 11, 2017 at 6:45 PM, Martin Jansa <martin.ja...@gmail.com> wrote:
> firefox and mariadb fail like this only since 
> conf/distro/include/security_flags.inc was included
> qtbase fails because of ptest addition as reported on ML
>> Kodi patch to use std::string was sent. mongodb needs something similar.
> The kodi patch from Andreas was already included in this build. Yours
> kodi patch looks similar, but not backported from upstream.
> see:
>> > 3a03560 kodi: fix build with latest gcc
I checked the log and don't understand what happened: kodi on qemux86
failed exactly with the error message I saw before fixing. Since the
other qemus did not fail: are you sure my patch did not come in while
build was already running?
>> imagemagick issue is also taken care of
> is it? where? Notice that this includes also the 2nd imagemagick upgrade
> which also already disappeared from the site.
Randy suggested to skip imagemagick update until upstream stabilizes.
>> I have sent a patch for squid issue
> You mean this one?
>> > e435561 squid: Add missing dependencies on openssl expat and libxml2
> it's already included (might be missing in qemux86 build which was
> started first).
-> kodi?


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