On 02/01/2018 10:41 PM, Paul Eggleton wrote:
I understand the intention, but I don't think oe-selftest is the right place to 
doing this. It's going to fail for sure if you have any non-OE-Core layers in
your configuration.

One thing I have continued to campaign for (and I'm aware that not everyone
completely agrees) is that oe-selftest should be able to be run with people's
own configurations, we shouldn't necessarily assume that it's only our default
being tested - that way we maximise oe-selftest's utility and audience. Of
course there's a limit to that, if someone's esoteric configuration breaks it
they get to keep the pieces - but this will definitely break with anyone's
custom configuration, esoteric or otherwise.

I do agree with this. We've had this exact conversation with Ross a few weeks back, and he promised to fix the test so that it's limited to recipes in oe-core. Take me re-sending the patch as a gentle reminder for that. :)

By all means let's have a script that does this - it's even trivial to write one
with tinfoil.

No manual scripts (that no one except me even knows about) please. I really do want to automate this, and have it run regularly on the autobuilder. Otherwise, one can just issue:

bitbake -c checkpkg world && grep -v @ tmp/log/checkpkg.csv

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