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>>                  On 1 February 2018 at 13:44, Daniel F. Dickinson
>>                  wrote:
>>         A distribution can set other recipe's PACKAGECONFIGs directly:
>>         PACKAGECONFIG_pn-recipename = "foo bar"
>>         And distributions are welcome to bundle groups of those into inc
>>         files for the user to pull in as required at the distro level.
>>     I wonder if it'd be useful to have some .inc's of this variety added
>>     and included (commented out) in the poky-tiny distro default
>> local.conf?
>> Included and enabled if they make sense, sure.  poky-tiny is, like
>> everything poky-specific, just an example.
>> It already has one:
>> PACKAGECONFIG_remove_pn-opkg-utils = "python"
> Sorry, apparently I wasn't clear.  What I meant was having (either in poky
> or in a more appropriate place) .inc or classes that do PACKAGECONFIG for
> common sets of packages for various "tiny" use cases (e.g. router, nas
> firmware (v.s os on data disks), ap, small iot devices , etc), which may
> involve a lot of partitioning of existing packages to allow for smaller
> (tiny) builds that include only the relevant functionality.  I'm not sure
> what the situation is for oe-core, but when I look at meta-openwrt it is
> much less partitioned than say actual openwrt base system, and makes a
> number of 'bigger' choices than openwrt.  What I'd like to work on is making
> it easier to build pared down OE systems (whether poky-tiny reference design
> 'flavours', meta-openwrt/oe hybrids, or (basically) openwrt build with
> oe/meta-openwrt).
> In the case of the .inc's etc I'm thinking of this as 'pre-cooked'
> references designs like poky-tiny itself;  Perhaps a better place for this
> is as comments in poky-tiny's distro .conf? (Or as proof-of-concept distro
> layers based on poky-tiny and and listed in the layers index?)

I'd say it could be a layer with those. Like meta-tiny-common or
similar which other distros could include and use. This does not seem
to belong to poky.

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