On Friday, February 9, 2018 2:03:01 AM EST Alexander Kanavin wrote:
> On 02/09/2018 12:13 AM, Mark Asselstine wrote:
> > The use of libunique is non-consequential here. The issue is that the
> > gtk-doc package has imports which are not going to be present via direct
> > runtime dependencies. Any sw which attempts to run the python scripts
> > found in gtk-doc will fail in the same way unless the python3-six is
> > installed via an indirect dependency. I didn't have a chance to dig in to
> > this deeper today so I don't have more to add than this but the "import
> > six" is pretty explicit and will fail unless this script is not meant to
> > actually be run anytime, anywhere.
> gtk-doc recipe does have a direct dependency on python3-six, subject to
> 'api-documentation' in DISTRO_FEATURES. The reason it's conditional is
> that we don't want to build a ton of gtk-doc dependencies in the default
> case that used by almost everyone. Yes, this produces gtk-doc scripts
> that are not working, but they will not be run anyway, if gtk-doc
> capable recipes inherit the gtk-doc class, which will disable the
> gtk-doc feature. libunique was missing that inherit, the patch to fix
> that is now on oe-devl list. Take it and the issue will go away.

Thanks for sending out the updates, I am giving them a go. I wasn't clear 
about the intention based on your initial change so glad I reached out to you 
and that this will move on.

Thanks again,

> Alex

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