coreutils configure script needs to know whether /proc/uptime is
available, but this is not possible in a cross-compilation
context. This leads to an uptime program that fails to work on the
target, as it has been compiled without /proc/uptime reading support.

This commit fixes that by telling coreutils at configure time that
/proc/uptime will be available on the target (which seems to be a
reasonable assumption on Linux systems).

This commit is made with great inspiration from Thomas Petazzoni's
patch to buildroot to fix the same issue.

Signed-off-by: Sean Nyekjaer <>
 meta/site/common-linux | 1 +
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+)

diff --git a/meta/site/common-linux b/meta/site/common-linux
index 2958716..71ec961 100644
--- a/meta/site/common-linux
+++ b/meta/site/common-linux
@@ -48,6 +48,7 @@ hw_cv_func_vsnprintf_c99=${hw_cv_func_vsnprintf_c99=yes}
 # coreutils
 # mysql

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