On 02/13/2018 02:42 AM, Chang, Rebecca Swee Fun wrote:
Updating recipe to reflect latest poky version and SRCREV points to
latest master HEAD revision.

The latest poky version is 18.0.1, and I think SRCREV should point to that as 
not to the tip of master? 19.0.0 isn't yet released.

Build-appliance-image normally points to the tip of master, should I change 
this in stable branch instead while in master pointing to HEAD?

Actually, that's right. You should update the master to latest master revision, but don't set the version to something that does not yet exist. 15.0.0 (or 18.0.0) is fine, nobody would mind. This recipe is special, as it has a circular reference to the repository it's in, and so setting the version consistently is tricky.

As for what do do in the stable branch, I don't know. We don't have a clear policy for how updates to this recipe should be done.

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