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> From: André Draszik <andre.dras...@jci.com>
> cmake_do_compile() and cmake_do_install() basically do the
> same, except they use a different --target, and at the
> moment this is copy/pasted code with a minor modification.
> Other recipes which e.g. might want to support compilation
> as part of ptest have to do the same. This is a bit
> inconvenient.
> By factoring out all of this into a common helper,
> cmake_runcmake_build(), this is easily re-used. An
> (imaginary) recipe can compile ptest support simply by
> using
>   cmake_runcmake_build --target buildtest-TESTS
> (assuming such a build target exists).
> Also, this now is very similar to oe_runmake().

If it’s similar to oe_runmake, why the long overly verbose function name
for the new function? Is oe_runcmake not viable?
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