Hi all,

When you add several layers, recipe parsing can take a (very) long time. In our 
case it takes more than a couple minutes [1]. Fortunately it is supposed to 
happens once, except when you use uninative (poky's default) where it happens 
twice (the two first times you build).
I think this is not an intentional behavior so I dug it a little bit and here 
is what I found:

When inheriting meta/classes/uninative.bbclass, it registers 2 functions on 
build events: one to fetch the uninative tarball (at bb.event.BuildStarted) and 
the other one to set variables in the datastore (at bb.event.ConfigParsed).
The function that set the variables [2] to the datastore first check that the 
uninative blob is in the build tree, so even though it is supposed to happen at 
recipe parsing, the variable are only really set when the build really start 
(bb.event.BuildStarted), after the recipes have been parsed!

So I think there is bug in the current behavior as:
        * Either the uninative variables are not important for the recipe 
parsing, and then they should be added in BB_HASHCONFIG_WHITELIST
        * Or the variables should matter for the recipe parsing so they should 
be set before the parsing and not in between parsing and build.

I assumed the later, so a simple fix is to register the two functions on the 
same event: bb.event.ConfigParsed.

Note: We are currently using pyro, but I checked that the master branch should 
exhibit the same behavior (same code).

[1]: it matters to us as we are doing Continuous Integration and do clean 
builds (with sstate cache) on every pull requests and master branch commits. 
The automatic test full cycle take about 20 minutes. We launch 2 bitbake 
commands during that process. Parsing recipe take about 2-4 minutes, which is 
significant enough when trying to reduce the waiting and parallel builds/tests.
[2]: the uninative changed variables are: NATIVELSBSTRING, SSTATEPOSTUNPACKFUNCS

Proposed patch:

diff --git a/meta/classes/uninative.bbclass b/meta/classes/uninative.bbclass
index a410647..5713bb8 100644
--- a/meta/classes/uninative.bbclass
+++ b/meta/classes/uninative.bbclass
@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ UNINATIVE_TARBALL ?= "${BUILD_ARCH}-nativesdk-libc.tar.bz2"
 UNINATIVE_DLDIR ?= "${DL_DIR}/uninative/"
 addhandler uninative_event_fetchloader
-uninative_event_fetchloader[eventmask] = "bb.event.BuildStarted"
+uninative_event_fetchloader[eventmask] = "bb.event.ConfigParsed"
 addhandler uninative_event_enable
 uninative_event_enable[eventmask] = "bb.event.ConfigParsed"

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