On 2018-04-03 10:15 AM, Cuero Bugot wrote:
In short the answer is that no, we shouldn't and your patch is the better 
option. I've queued it in sumo-next. Thanks for figuring it out as it is an 
annoying problem.

Hey no prb ! Given he traffic on this list I understand everyone is busy!
Would it be possible to add it to rocko-next  as well ? (the patch applies as 
is) (I ask in my self interest as we are using rocko as of now); or does it 
contradict specific policies for released branches ?

I'm not sure if there's any objection to backporting this patch but
Armin is the guy to ask about that. I've added him to the thread in case
he missed your rocko reference.

Usually, a patch has to be in master and not just master-next
before being backported IIRC, so give it a few days.



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