On Fri, 2018-04-06 at 13:46 -0700, akuster808 wrote:
> Shouldn't Master get all these changes first then we switch to stable
> branch when we have a new release?
> My German genes are raging about "Rules" ; )

master did get them?

To be really clear, "master" is never a value that would appear in
LAYERSERIES. That would let everyone be lazy and master would match
everywhere, then this would all be pointless.

Early in the next cycle I'll add "thud" to the list in OE-Core master
branch. Later in the cycle, when we make more invasive changes which
break compatibility, I'll drop "sumo". At that point people who haven't
added "thud" will start to see errors but this should all work out
earlier in the cycle than happened this time around.

It was a choice of doing this now, or wait another six months to get
started and since we have had the variables for a while I've opted to
move us forward on this. I'd already had comments that "rocko" in
layer.conf was incorrect, which it was and changing that was always
going to cause some pain.


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