Current Dev Position: YP 2.5 M4 final close out.

Next Deadline: YP 2.5 M4 release is 4/27/18

SWAT Team Rotation:

SWAT lead is currently: Paul.

SWAT team rotation: Paul -> Tracy on April 13, 2018

SWAT team rotation: Tracy -> Stephano on April 20, 2018

Key Status/Updates:

  *   The M3 rc1 QA report has been completed:
   There are a number of selftest failures and a known SRCREV related issue 
with the build-appliance. We will look into these, but at this point we don’t 
foresee these blocking M3 and will aim to start testing release candidates for 
the final 2.5 release this week.
  *   A problem was spotted with fedora28 which has worryingly decided to merge 
extra patches ahead of glibc and “break” ABI over the split of libcrypt out of 
glibc into libxcrypt. Since we will have to handle this, we have decided to 
change nativesdk-glibc for the 2.5 release but keep on target as is until the 
situation with upstream glibc becomes clearer.
  *   We realised late in the cycle that we needed to change the 
LAYERSERIES_COMPAT variable in the core layers. We have also added warnings to 
make this variable more obvious and required it for Yocto Project Compatible v2 
status. It seemed best to make these changes for 2.5 rather than wait until 2.6.
  *   We are considering a final late change to 2.5 to allow poky to use the 
Yocto Project sstate mirrors by default. Feedback welcome on whether we should 
do this. It is late in the cycle but would make a good speedup for users 
  *   Armin fixed the SDK locale issues with morty, thanks! We are aware of a 
related locale  build regression on morty sadly.
  *   We were able to upgrade pseudo and have hopefully resolved our 
fedora27/coreutils issues. Thanks to all who helped!
  *   Master-next has a number of recipe upgrades queued. We still want to 
discourage people from sending recipe upgrades until we start 2.6; however, 
there were simply too many patches to ignore. This has meant various people and 
build resources have ended up distracted from 2.5 work.

Planned upcoming dot releases:

YP 2.3.4 (Pyro) will be built after 2.5 M3

YP 2.2.4 (Morty) will be built after 2.5 M3 once the glibc 2.27 issue is fixed

YP 2.4.3 (Rocko) is planned for post YP 2.5.

Key YP 2.5 Dates are:

YP 2.5 M3 is in QA.  See status above.

YP 2.5 M3 was scheduled for release 3/2/18

YP 2.5 M4 cut off of 4/2/18

YP 2.5 M4 release of 4/27/18

Tracking Metrics:

            WDD 2570 (last week 2594)


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