On 04/13/2018 01:28 AM, Juro Bystricky wrote:
mingw build was broken by the commit:
"glib-2.0/glib.inc: apply MLPREFIX renaming to all package classes"

When building for mingw, we encounter build errors such as:

   mv: cannot stat '<builddir>/<...>/usr/libexec/gio-querymodules': No such 
file or directory

The file that exists is actually "gio-querymodules.exe", but still there is no
good reason to rename it to "nativesdk-gio-querymodules.exe".
So for mingw we simply avoid renaming of the executable, by skippng the line:

   mv -v ${D}${libexecdir}/gio-querymodules 

[YOCTO #12679]

The reason for the renaming is that postinst_intercept logic will try to execute the binary with the mlprefix, when running populate_sdk. I think this is not gonna work with your patch, and the bug does not mention that you tried it.

I think the better approach is to accommodate the exe suffix when doing the move:

mv -v ${D}${libexecdir}/gio-querymodules${EXEEXT} ${D}${libexecdir}/${MLPREFIX}gio-querymodules${EXEEXT}

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