Yes, I do get warnings, but in both cases (skipping the renaming and also if 
renamed  with MLPREFIX):
WARNING: core-image-minimal-1.0-r0 do_populate_sdk: The postinstall intercept 
hook 'update_gio_module_cache-nativesdk' failed, details in 

So skipping the renaming will at least give me a correctly named executable in 
the package.

Are you sure the postinst-intercepts can even work with Windows .exe 
If I understand this correctly, you use a qemuwrapper attempting to run Windows 
executable, and I 
cannot imagine this would work. But maybe I am missing something here.

BTW, I cannot remedy this in the meta-mingw layer via a .bbppend, as the code 
that needs to
be modified is in do_install_append, so it is not possible (or not easy) to use 

From: Alexander Kanavin []
Sent: Friday, April 13, 2018 12:32 PM
To: Bystricky, Juro;
Subject: Re: [PATCH] glib-2.0/ fix broken mingw build

On 04/13/2018 05:43 PM, Bystricky, Juro wrote:
>> I think the better approach is to accommodate the exe suffix when doing
>> the move:
>> mv -v ${D}${libexecdir}/gio-querymodules${EXEEXT}
>> ${D}${libexecdir}/${MLPREFIX}gio-querymodules${EXEEXT}
> This was actually the first thing I tried. However, I ended up with 
> "nativesdk-gio-querymodules.exe"
> in the mingw tarrball (in my case 
> poky-glibc-x86_64-core-image-minimal-core2-64-toolchain-2.4+snapshot.tar.xz).
> I am not sure what you expect postinst to do for Windows toolchains/SDKs, but 
> I would expect
> "gio-querymodules.exe", as it used to be until recently.

"nativesdk-gio-querymodules.exe" is totally fine. This utility is used
in only one place:
poky/scripts/postinst-intercepts/update_gio_module_cache, to generate
the cache file of gio modules whenever the gio modules are installed or

That script is called by postinst_intercept mechanism, which is
triggered via meta/classes/gio-module-cache.bbclass every time a package
that inherits that class is installed.

I am fairly sure that with the patch you sent it is not going to work
for the nativesdk mingw case, as the script does prepend the MLPREFIX to
the utility name (to call the correct version among many when multilib
is in use). We would probably need to append the .exe suffix in there as
well though.

Please do try populate_sdk with nativesdk-glib-2.0 included into it and
watch for any warnings about failed postinst_intercepts.

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