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> Hi.
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>> Hi,
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>>> Hi.
>>>>> I had to patch up our own u-boot recipe as shown in the attached patch
>>>>> to make v2018.03 compile for qemu-x86.
>>>>> The thing is that the build of pylibfdt became unconditional since
>>>>> 15b97f5c5e ('pylibfdt: move pylibfdt to scripts/dtc/pylibfdt and
>>>>> refactor makefile')
>>>>> In my case u-boot/pylibfdt failed to find the correct (native) headers,
>>>>> because python setuptools / distutils looks into STAGING_{LIB,INC}DIR
>>>>> when compiling the native extension for libfdt. I didn't find any other
>>>>> way to specificy this in either the u-boot Makefile or some other magic
>>>>> environment variable.
>>>> CCing Yamada-san, maybe he has an idea.
>>>> Also, do not top post.
>>> The build of pylibfdt is conditional.
>>> It is built only when CONFIG_PYLIBFDT=y,
>>> which is selected by CONFIG_DTOC.
>>> If you really do not need pylibfdt,
>>> you can disable it by tweaking the configuration.
>>> If you need pylibfdt but you cannot build it,
>>> it is a different problem.
>>> Thanks.
>> Correct. But I was building u-boot.rom for qemu-x86, which depends on
>> binman and thus pylibfdt. Before the mentioned commit, one could avoid
>> the building of pylibfdt by installing it on the host, as the makerule
>> checked if python could already import pylibfdt. This check is now removed.
>> Or am I missing something?
> Understood what you mean, but I do not know
> whether the previous behavior was intended, or just something
> people discovered to work.
> Now U-Boot bundles its own DTC (scripts/dtc/dtc),
> so compiling also pylibfdt from the source in U-boot tree makes sense.
> Isn't it possible to solve your issue in the OE side?

Can we NOT compile DTC alongside U-Boot somehow ? :)
That'd be the most desired solution IMO.

Best regards,
Marek Vasut
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