From: Stefan Agner <>


This follows up on the discussion a while ago:

Patch 1 is rather simple and really fixes the main issue. The patch
by itself has been tested with the relevant self test and passes.

Patch 2/3 get rid of /etc/*-postinsts script in cases where the package
management is present. This avoids a bunch of unnecessary scripts to be
present on the rootfs. It also avoids the systemd service to be present
forever with in case no postinst scripts have been deployed:
Condition: start condition failed at Tue 2018-05-15 10:57:43 UTC; 42s ago
           └─ ConditionPathExistsGlob=/etc/*-postinsts was not met

Self test executed using:
$ oe-selftest --run-tests runtime_test.Postinst.test_postinst_rootfs_and_boot

Changes since v1:
- Note that patches are specific for opkg/dpkg

Stefan Agner (3):
  opkg: avoid running postinst scripts twice when using systemd
  run-postinsts: for dpkg/opkg, do not rely on /etc/*-postinsts for dpkg/opkg, don't install postinsts if package
    management is present

 meta/lib/oe/                               |  3 +++
 .../opkg/opkg/opkg-configure.service                | 17 -----------------
 meta/recipes-devtools/opkg/            | 14 --------------
 .../run-postinsts/run-postinsts/run-postinsts       | 21 ++++++++++++---------
 .../run-postinsts/run-postinsts.service             |  1 -
 5 files changed, 15 insertions(+), 41 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100644 meta/recipes-devtools/opkg/opkg/opkg-configure.service


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