Hi Alex,

I have tested your branch and seems to be, that openssl is working

We are now using original (perl) c_rehash script, but dependency to perl
is missing. Are you ok with adding runtime dependency to bin package?
Just for notice, it will install perl on target.


On 06/08/18 17:57, Alexander Kanavin wrote:
> 2018-06-08 17:04 GMT+03:00 Andrej Valek <andrej.va...@siemens.com>:
>> The main idea is to have libssl and libcrypto in separate packages.
>> This saves space if only single library is needed and also some recipes
>> (in other layers) depend on these library packages.
>> Together with this other packages like in 1.0.x were created.
>> The only difference is that openssl 1.1 has additional package openssl-bin.
>> Patch original c_rehash instead of overriding it with our own.
>> After applying patch from Debian c_rehash is working.
> Can you split this in two different commits please?
> Alex
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