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> We talked on irc and you pointed at the commit things started to go
> wrong. Just to summarise things for the benefit of the list, this is
> some quick testing I did:
> "bitbake -p; time bitbake core-image-minimal -n"
> 30.0s 6c7c0cefd34067311144a1d4c01986fe0a4aef26
> 30.6s a0d941c787cf3ef030d190903279d311bc05d752
> 40.3s 7df31ff36892c2f9c65326b06b4c70
> 42.2s a0542ed3ff700eca35f9195f743c9e28bcd50f3e
> 45.4s 9983b07fffd19082abded7c3f15cc77d306dd69c
> 76.9s master-next
> So basically the original changes showed a 25% hit but the performance
> of -next is dire.

Sadly with larger sets the performance hit is much worse. I enabled all of
the layers in meta-oe, and ran this with empty sstate and build directories:
bitbake -p; time bitbake -n -k world

The outcomes are:

(this is the baseline; the bulk of the time goes towards going through the
task list without executing the tasks - the 'spinning task counter" part)


So there could be something quadratically-growing going on with these new
commits :(

I didn't dare to try master-next after seeing above how it hits
core-image-minimal and master already regressing to over an hour :-(

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