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> Right, it still definitely needs work. Its a balancing act between
> sorting out the execution bugs in the code and figuring out the
> performance problem.
> If anyone wants to experiment, the way I'd debug this is to run the
> before and after cases with the -P option to bitbake. If you want to
> exit early just make the code return where it prints "Executing tasks"
> or whatever makes sense as Ctrl+C won't write the profile data.
> You want the profile.log.processed file.
> So save that file with the "before" commit, then save it afterwards and
> look at those files and see where its spending more time.
> If someone generates those two files I'll happily take a look, I'm kind
> of used to reading them. There are four sets of output in there, same
> data but different sorting/types, each has its uses.

And here they are (with task spinning included this time):

Hope you find it useful!

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