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Mark Hatle <mark.ha...@kernel.crashing.org> wrote:

> First (early) version of pseudo would fork for the server, there
> wasn't a seperate executed server and we had all sorts of problems
> with dynamic libraries being loaded and loaded from the correct paths
> (due to the LD_PRELOAD).
> Moving to two process spaces, LD_PRELOAD and the pseudo executable
> happened pretty early in development, but I suspect some of this is
> left over from that.

To be picky:

pseudo *still does this*. If it can't find the server, it clears the
environment and respawns it. There were problems with this for the
longest time, which turned out to be because I was calling setenv to
clean the environment, and bash *overrides setenv*, so if the program
spawning the pseudo server was bash, things went wrong. It should
actually be fixed now and work pretty well.

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