On 06/25/2015 11:02 PM, Aníbal Limón wrote:
I'm glad to announce the enabling of Automatic Upgrade Helper (a.k.a.
AUH), the AUH is a service
that provides recipe upgrades and will be run on weekly basis.

If you are a maintainer (listed in [1]) you will receive AUH emails with
Recipe upgrades when AUH
detects that upgrade is needed.

I'm currently doing a related activity - going through oe-core recipes in alphabetical order, and making sure that upstream version information for them is correct.

I've found a few cases where the upstream check is performed on a stale directory (so the recipe is reported 'up to date' even though it's not), or the reported upstream version is totally bogus [1], or the upstream version is 'unknown' even though it can be retrieved with a correct entry in package_regex.inc. Expect patches to come this way soon.

[1] http://recipes.yoctoproject.org/rrs/recipedetail/155/

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