On 08/15/2015 07:59 AM, Randy MacLeod wrote:

-# midori depends on webkit-gtk which could not build for mips64
-MIDORI = "midori"
-MIDORI_mips64 = ""
-MIDORI_mips64n32 = ""
+# epiphany depends on webkitgtk which could not build for mips64
+EPIPHANY = "epiphany"
+EPIPHANY_mips64 = ""
+EPIPHANY_mips64n32 = ""

Mips64 support using the newer webkitgtk may be better.
Wenzong please check on that once this code is in master-next
and reply here.

Latest Webkit (2.8.5) actually does build for MIPS64 (where 2.8.4 failed), but I couldn't find a way to test the n32 variant using poky - any suggestions?

I'll drop the above lines for now.

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