On 19 September 2016 at 12:57, Peter Kjellerstedt <
peter.kjellerst...@axis.com> wrote:

> > ++            mem_exists="`grep "^$groupname:[!:]*:[!:]*:\([!,
> ]*,\)*$username\(,[!,]*\)*"$rootdir/etc/group || true`"
> >               if test "x$mem_exists" = "x"; then
> >                       bbfatal "${PN}: groupmems command did not succeed."
> >               fi
> The above change cannot be correct. Changing the expression "[^:]"
> (which means "anything but :") to "[!:]" (which means "! or :") is
> definitely not the same....

My prediction is that this series is generated by running checkbashism over
the fragments, it fires a false-positive here (from memory because it
thinks it is processing a bash glob or something, not grep regex).

Note that I just submitted my verify-bashism script which has a whitelist
for things - such as use of command - which whilst not in POSIX are in fact
in bash/dash/ash so for all intents and purposes will work.

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