i am well aware that if one wants to define a single serial console,
then using the SERIAL_CONSOLE variable will work just fine, as in:

SERIAL_CONSOLE ?= "115200 ttyS0"

and if you want to define multiple possible consoles, use:

SERIAL_CONSOLES = "115200;ttyAMA0 115200;ttyAMA1"

  however, i just noticed in the default bitbake.conf:

SERIAL_CONSOLES ??= "${@d.getVar('SERIAL_CONSOLE', True).replace(' ', ';')}"

where SERIAL_CONSOLES is defined in terms of SERIAL_CONSOLE, which
suggests to me that, really, it's SERIAL_CONSOLES that will be used
for further configuration, is that right?

  for instance, i see in
meta/recipes-core/systemd/systemd-serialgetty.bb, the test:

  do_install() {
        if [ ! -z "${SERIAL_CONSOLES}" ] ; then
                default_baudrate=`echo "${SERIAL_CONSOLES}" | sed 's/\;.*//'

wherein, once upon a time, i would have thought, "hey, i'm not
assigning anything to SERIAL_CONSOLES so that doesn't apply to me."
when, of course, it *does* apply now that i read things properly.

  so is it a fair statement that, pedantically, i might as well just
define everything in terms of SERIAL_CONSOLES and think that way?



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