I'm having some troubles with shared library, shared library dependencies and rpaths. I have libfoo, which depends on libbar when I try to link libfoo with my app, it requires libbar to be found. libbar is in a non-standard location, /usr/local/bar when I compiled libfoo, I used -Wl,rpath-link ${STAGING_SYSROOT}/usr/local/bar and -Wl,rpath /usr/local/bar. Now when I come to try link my app with libfoo, it fails to link as it can't find libbar, which I assume means the rpath in libfoo isn't being properly prepending with sysroot what is the proper way to support this in OE? My library has the following rpath information:

0x0000000f (RPATH) Library rpath: [$ORIGIN/../lib:/usr/local/bar]

So why isn't the rpath being prepended with the sysroot when I compile my app and link libfoo? The apps build system is using cmake, but this should be a built in linker feature, correct?

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