On 01.12.2016 18:41, Burton, Ross wrote:
> On 30 November 2016 at 18:50, Andreas Oberritter <o...@opendreambox.org
> <mailto:o...@opendreambox.org>> wrote:
>     Busybox may offer a bash applet. If enabled, the alternatives mechanism
> Wait, what?  busybox can ship a /bin/bash that isn't bash?  That's
> *hideous*!

That's what busybox is all about, isn't it? Shipping things that aren't
the real thing with varying levels of compatibility (think sed, awk,
grep for other tools in busybox that use some kind of interpreted
language). Busybox' ash even supports some bash extensions.

FWIW, using /bin/bash as a login shell with busybox was the easiest way
to get bash-completions working with bash installed in a normal rootfs
(it doesn't work fully in POSIX mode) and get working logins in an
initramfs image at the same time, where bash isn't installed.
/etc/passwd is shared between both images.


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