On 13 January 2017 at 13:00, Ross Burton <ross.bur...@intel.com> wrote:

> Markus Lehtonen (10):
>       oeqa.utils.metadata: re-organise host distro information
>       oeqa.utils.metadata: re-organise distro information
>       oeqa.utils.metadata: drop 'unknown' git data elements
>       oeqa.utils.metadata: fix retrieval of git branch and revision
>       oeqa.utils.metadata: rename 'revision' to 'commit'
>       oeqa.utils.metadata: add commit count information
>       oeqa.utils.metadata: have layer name as an attribute in xml
>       oeqa.utils.metadata: add bitbake revision information
>       oeqa.utils.metadata: allow storing any bitbake config variables
>       oeqa.utils.metadata: include BB_NUMBER_THREADS and PARALLEL_MAKE

Markus just sent a V2, so please drop these.  I'll remove them from my
branch shortly.

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