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> Not as far as I know, but so that would work when building something AND
> the artifacts, but what if you want to build the artifacts only?, you would
> have to build everything else as well wouldn't you?

My only feedback was: we could target something that gives the necessary
without depending on any other IMAGE_FSTYPES than wic (and I was assuming
is the reason why the patch exists).

Currently, for example, all "live" artifacts (including rootfs.img) are
built first to get a
wic image created. The same applies with this patch still: one would need
to specify
another image type first to get the artifacts to get wic image type built.
Furthermore, that
image type would give unnecessary build dependencies (depending on your

It can also be argued whether the build_*_cfg() are needed here because the
wic source
plugins write their own configs.

The desired outcome (IMO) would be independent from "live" (naming wise

-- Mikko
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