On 01/13/2017 05:36 PM, Joshua Lock wrote:

Running checkpkg on the autobuilders won't really help as the
autobuilders rely on the bitbake invocation returning a non-zero exit
code to determine whether to mark the build step as failed, and that's
not the case when checkpkg doesn't find an update version.

If we regularly run checkpkg on the autobuilders how should we detect
that a SRC_URI change has caused the upstream version check to fail?

- run bitbake -c checkpkg world
- inspect tmp/log/checkpkg.csv for lines with 'UNKNOWN' upstream status, make a list of recipes that have it - compare that list against a stored list of exceptions (currently it would have about 32 entries), if the lists don't match exactly, the upstream version check has failed.

All of this can be wrapped in poky/scripts/upstream-check-all perhaps.

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