On 15 March 2017 at 01:35, Khem Raj <raj.k...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Rich Felker (11):
>       fix ld-behavior-dependent crash in ppc64 ldso startup
>       rework ldso handling of global symbol table for consistency
>       reorder addend handling before symbol lookup in relocation code
>       emulate lazy relocation as deferrable relocation
>       fix free of uninitialized buffer pointer on error in regexec
>       in static dl_iterate_phdr, fix use of possibly-uninitialized aux data
>       fix possible fd leak, unrestored cancellation state on dns socket
> fail
>       fix wide scanf's use of a compound literal past its lifetime
>       fix one-byte overflow in legacy getpass function
>       avoid loading of multiple libc versions via explicit pathname
>       remove unused refcnt field for shared libraries
> Szabolcs Nagy (1):
>       treat STB_WEAK and STB_GNU_UNIQUE like STB_GLOBAL in find_sym

Could the relocation changes here be responsible for these ovmf build
  "GenFw: ERROR 3000: Invalid ... unsupported ELF EM_386 relocation"


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