On 2016-10-08 12:03, Andreas Müller wrote:
> * works out of the box without modificatins to /etc/security/limits.conf 
> neccessary
> * neon support was introduced
> * on RaspberryPi2 buffer sizes can be set to smallest accepted value without 
>   -> reduced latency

Jack1 and Jack2 are alternative implementations with different
advantages and disadvantages (depending on hardware and use-case).

Despite its name, Jack2 is not really the successor to Jack1, so I think
it would be better to keep "jack" as is, and add "jack2" as a separate

Note that Jack2 runs in so-called asynchronous mode by default, which
adds a bit of latency (at the same buffer size), and also influences the
way xruns are reported.
Both versions will require modifications to /etc/security/limits.conf in
order to use realtime (FIFO) scheduling, which is crucial for low latencies.

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