> On Aug 9, 2017, at 11:32 AM, Randy MacLeod <randy.macl...@windriver.com> 
> wrote:
> On 2017-08-09 10:22 AM, Leonardo Sandoval wrote:
>> in my opinion, this fits nicely into the oe-core, into the
>> scripts/contrib folder.
> Agreed.

As far as living in scripts/contrib, you are certainly free to keep a copy 
there, but as it says on the webpage there is nothing specific to YP nor OE in 
it at the moment (other than the list of requirements), and I will likely be 
adding requirements for other projects.

And what I’m saying is that maintaining it is kinda what I’m already doing as a 
part of my course work (check-requirements is a side effect of that work).

> It would be nice to separate the data from the script so
> that people could easily add to it. That might make updates
> more difficult if the script is kept separate from oe-core.

Well, what you aren’t seeing is that data is separate; it’s all in arrays by 
requirement grouping. The script is also constructed from a series of smaller 
scripts catted together by a makefile; what you’re seeing is the output of a 
script build. I still need to push the git repo to github.

> Could you get rid of the references to 'course' if the script
> gets integrated:
> $ grep -i course ~/Downloads/check-requirements.sh | wc -l
> 139
> s/course/activity/ perhaps.

And the “course” part is current attribute of the shared nature of the 
codebase; mostly variable names. I’d like to make that more generic, but it 
doesn’t hurt much right now. “Activity” is surely a possibility.

Please note I said it was an alpha release. I literally banged this together 
from ready-for.sh in about 8 hours. It is a work in progress. But worth sharing 
considering it’s pretty useful already.

I’d mostly be looking for bug reports as to packages/requirements to add to 
lists for various versions of distros.

It does occur to me that there may need to be a version of this per release of 
YP, but that’s for the future.

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