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> Note: This is only a draft, since there are two unanswered questions:
> 1) If the qt5 packageconfig is enabled, OpenGL (or GLES2) is needed. So if
> qt5 is added to the PACKAGECONFIG variable, then PACKAGECONFIG_GL would also
> have to be added to PACKAGECONFIG if no OpenGL/GLES packageconfig isn't
> already in the PACKAGECONFIG variable. I have no idea how do that. Perhaps
> in a python () { } function ?

bb.utils.filter might help?

> 2) I think it would make sense to add the qt5 packageconfig to the list of
> default packageconfigs here. The idea being that if you add meta-qt5, then
> gst-plugins-bad's QML plugin is automatically enabled. But I do not know how
> to append, since the PACKAGECONFIG is assigned with the "=??" operator ...
> but what would then the right operator for appending? _append ? += ? Isn't
> "_append" "stronger" than "=??" ?

Adding things behind the scenes is something we try to avoid; I know
people do that but it is not a good practice. Instead, this could be
added to the recipe as a comment and mention it must be enabled to
expose the QML plugin.

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