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> Also, I recommend a method of linking the checker script with the 
> documentation.

That’s actually where this all started. I generate documentation from the JSON 
from my script for he LF training documentation. I’ve been reading the 
documentation to update my package lists, but found a lot of errors in the docs 
(missing packages, typos, duplicate packages, inconsistencies) all which I 

Since those errors are trivial for me to find because of my test system (more 
below) I’m suggesting the package lists in the documentation be generated from 
my tool (mirroring what I do for ready-for.sh)

Not that I’m suggesting the same for YP, but for LF, I maintain all 
requirements (machine and packages) in ready-for.sh, which generates JSON which 
is used by lualatex to generate per class setup documentation (55 auto 
generated PDFs).

I literally update one file, type make and it generates script, website, and 

I’m suggesting something similar can be done for the YP documentation, but only 
for the package lists.

> And run unit tests to prove nothing has changed on distro X, Y or Z.

There is already a test system for packages per distro. It uses a second script 
called pkgsearch which uses meta data from pkgs.org <http://pkgs.org/> 
(pkgsearch is also in my git repo). You can see part of the test machinery in 
the —check-packages option in the check-requirements.sh script. (I couldn’t 
maintain the lists of packages for all the LF courses without an automated test 

This is what a successful test run looks like.

$ ./check-requirements.sh --check-packages --all
YP .*************************.****.*********.**...*...........****............
YPDOC .*******.*.*...........................
YPGUI .**..*.**.*.......**......*............
YPST .*..*..*..*...........*............

dots represent a passed package list for a distro. The star represents a 
download of a cross-bistro package list from pkgs.org <http://pkgs.org/> (lists 
are cached so they’re only downloaded once per day).

Here’s what a failed test looks like when asking for the "pony” package:

./check-requirements.sh --check-packages --all --nocache
YP .*
NOTE: Checking CentOS-6 for YP...
MISSING: pony (CentOS-6)
NOTE: Checking CentOS-7 for YP...
MISSING: pony (CentOS-7)
NOTE: Checking Debian-7 for YP...
MISSING: pony (Debian-7)
NOTE: Checking Debian-8 for YP...
MISSING: pony (Debian-8)

> And I want a pony, with wings and a single horn.

Tim: Is pink okay?


Behan ;)
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