I wanted to make folks aware that we've released a new layer to do
automated fossology runs within OE. The old spdx.bbclass is bitrot and
we needed something to make some of our license clearance and tracking
easier to manage.

This layer takes patched archives created by the source archiver during
the build and, using a utility we wrote called fossup, sends them on to
a fossology instance for out of build scanning.

The impact on build times is relatively small. If you want to use it,
you'll need to install fossup (, set
up the fossup rc file to point to your fossology instance (all of this
is in the README), and ensure that the bits needed for an archiver build
are included in your local.conf

Typically this will look like the following:

INHERIT += "archiver"
ARCHIVER_MODE[src] = "patched"
ARCHIVER_MODE[diff] = "0"
ARCHIVER_MODE[dumpdata] = "0"
ARCHIVER_MODE[recipe] = "1"
INHERIT += "fossology"

Feedback welcome of course.


Beth 'pidge' Flanagan
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