Hi Team,

The patches at  [1][2] to fix the changing initial config issue that
explained in the below email, would you review and merge those patches.


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From: Mohamed ElSerngawy <melserng...@inocybe.ca>
Date: Wed, Sep 14, 2016 at 5:55 PM
Subject: how to update the initial config after moving to blueprint
To: controller-...@lists.opendaylight.org,

Hi Team,

I had struggled to update the initial configuration of the openflow plugin
after starting ODL.  For example:  previously when we want to change the
Openflow plugin port configuration (6633  to 6634) or transport-protocol
(tcp to tls), we just change the values in the 42-openflowplugin-*.xml file
and restart ODL then everything going fine.
Now, after we moved to blueprint, I have a complete ODL Boron distribution,
How can I update those values?

any advice will be appreciated

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