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On Thu, Sep 22, 2016 at 10:32 AM, An Ho <> wrote:

> We believe that the following weather item has been resolved and would
> like to close this item by moving it to the Historical Weather Page.
> Please let us know if your teams have any objections or concerns and we
> will revert the action.  Please let us know if this weather item has not
> been resolved and has pending work.  Thank you for the tremendous help in
> this cross project effort.
> Name: Unmerged Patch for projects to test OpenFlow Plugin default design
> to Lithium
> We need all the dependent projects of OpenFlow Plugin (OFP) to move to the
> Lithium design for the Boron release. To help in this process OpenFlow
> Plugin has created an unmerged patch which swaps the default design to the
> ‚Äčnew ‚ÄčLithium design. The patch is:
> gerrit/#/c/35892. The purpose of this patch is for projects to identify
> issues in the migration and help OpenFlow Plugin fix them.
> Best Regards,
> An Ho
> [1]
> for_projects_to_test_OpenFlow_Plugin_default_design_to_Lithium
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