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Meeting summary


* Agenda  (abhijitkumbhare, 15:03:05)

  * OpenDaylight & DDF  (abhijitkumbhare, 15:04:28)

  * Carbon Planning  (abhijitkumbhare, 15:04:38)

  * Merging OpenFlow Plugin & OpenFlow Java Library  (abhijitkumbhare,


  * OpenFlow Plugin Nominations for PTL, test contact & documentation

    contact  (abhijitkumbhare, 15:07:43)

* Merging OpenFlow Plugin & OpenFlow Java Library  (abhijitkumbhare,


  * for developer it might be easy  (shuva, 15:11:59)

  * Is there any benefit to bring the 2 projects together or to keep

    them separate?  (abhijitkumbhare, 15:12:16)

  * but will be easier for ofjava verification jobs (~5mins) unlike

    ofplugin verification(~60min)  (shuva, 15:12:54)

  * it will be easier to plug-in of1.5 , we can either go for a new

    ofjava and create a new, more flexible pipeline  (shuva, 15:13:50)

  * also combining both might result in tight coupling and code

    dependencies that might be bad  (shuva, 15:14:25)

  * since coming back from that might be very difficult  (shuva,


  * the advantages might not outweigh the disadvantages  (shuva,


  * good to have different community and developer bases  (shuva,


  * will stiil leave an oyside chance of having alternate designs for

    both  (shuva, 15:16:55)

  * huge advantage of having common models  (shuva, 15:20:02)

  * goal is to have smaller patchsets,  (shuva, 15:22:10)

  * shuva asks isn’t there an advantage of removing model translations?

    (abhijitkumbhare, 15:22:28)

  * models toward ofjave will be private, models towards ofplugin are

    more public and mdsal aware  (shuva, 15:22:45)

  * so combining both might result in some diff to maintain and read

    (shuva, 15:25:15)

  * abhijitKumbhare asks is it possible to create fast performing plugin

    (shuva, 15:25:51)

  * it can be done if developers are free, but it will create code that

    cannot be merged back on to the master  (shuva, 15:26:35)

  * if we use ofjava models it will create version dependent api s and

    applications will be version-aware  (shuva, 15:27:16)

  * Abhijitkumbhare proposes to do s POC enhancing bulkomatic to see

    what the benefits could be  (shuva, 15:43:44)

  * reconciliation will still be a problem , but will deal with one at a

    time  (shuva, 15:44:07)

  * extensions might be a problem , but we will see as we go on  (shuva,


  * abhijitkumbhare feels this would be a nice POC to venture into

    (shuva, 15:44:46)

* OpenFlow Plugin Nominations for PTL, test contact & documentation

  contact  (abhijitkumbhare, 15:54:20)



    (abhijitkumbhare, 15:54:33)

* DDF at the OpenDaylight Summit 2016  (abhijitkumbhare, 15:56:16)

  * No regular OpenFlow Plugin meeting next Thursday Sept 29

    (abhijitkumbhare, 15:58:48)

  * Schedule for the summit & DDF  (abhijitkumbhare, 16:00:46)

  * LINK:


    (abhijitkumbhare, 16:00:52)
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