If you enable bundle reconciliation, then all the groups and flows will be 
deleted before pushing the new flows and groups. Otherwise, normal 
reconciliation will just replace the old flows and groups and won’t do any 

There is no table specific flow deletion in resync.


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As far as I can tell from 
 the first thing done during reconciliation is that all flows and groups are 
deleted. Although bundles are not yet implemented for upgrade, the plan is to 
also remove all flows and groups as the first action in the bundle. :-(

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Hi openflowplugin-devs,
    In COE, we have a usecases where we need to manage one flow table on a 
bridge, outside ODL.
    However there are several other flow tables on the same bridge which is 
managed by ODL as well.
1.      What will be the behavior of resync in such a case? Will ODL wipe off 
all the flows in the bridge, or will it delete only tables owned by ODL?
2.      What will happen in case of ODL upgrade?

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