just want to let you know that I found the RTPMultiplexing flag is in
Connect message(featureSet/SupportTransmitMultiplexedMedia) Have a nice day!


On Thu, Sep 22, 2016 at 4:11 PM, Bo Xu <boxuscie...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I built GnuGK-4.2 successfully on centOS-3.8, and in gk.ini I enabled
> RTPMutiplexing as the following:
> [Proxy]
> RTPPortRange=10000-30000
> RTPMultiplexing=1
> RTPMultiplexPort=15000
> RTCPMultiplexPort=15001
> but when I used Polycom-PVX to call GnuGK, with wireshark it shows that
> GnuGK still uses 10000 for audio and 10002 for video. I think it is because
> Polycom-PVX doexn't support RTPMutiplexing so GnuGK cannot use the
> mutiplexPort(15000) I set in above. could you tell me when Polycom-PVX
> calls GnuGK where does Polycom-PVX put the RTPMutilexing flag in the
> messages it sends out? is it in H.225 messages or in H.245 messages Thanks!
> Regards,
> Bo

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