If anyone is interested in developing boot-time device drivers for plug-in
devices, conformant to the IEEE-1275 (Open Firmware) specification, using
FCode (tokenized Forth source), which is compatible with both IBM and Sun
platforms (and is platform-independent, so that a driver written once is
compatible with all Open Firmware platforms ... but you already know all
this if you're using Open Firmware), then you will need a Tokenizer to
translate from your Forth source to FCode tokens, which are the "medium
of exchange" between the device and the platform.

I am writing to announce that a new FCode Tokenizer, capable of running
on IBM equipment (and that can be compiled on any other host that supports
the GnuCC compiler, and others as well) is freely available at the web-site
of the OpenBIOS project,  www.openbios.org   (and just follow the links
about the New FCODE suite)

If you have any questions, please direct them to the OpenBIOS Mailing List.

Thank you.


David L. Paktor System Firmware Developer
System and Technology Group Global Firmware Division

18880 Homestead Rd. Building 9945
Cupertino CA 95014 Room 1026
408-342-6110 T/L 560-6110

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